In my earlier blog I talked about how intelligent this breed is…

In my earlier blog I talked about how intelligent this breed is and I promised to show a video of “Cujo” shutting the door so here it is! I am currently teaching him how to open the door and how to put his toys away and as soon as he does it without help I will also post those too. Now some of you might be wondering why would I teach him this or how did I teach him this so let me explain my logic. I taught him this for a couple of reasons. Number one is he already knows how to open the door when he’s outside so when he comes in he can turn around and shut the door and number two is to keep the bugs out of the house. Now on to the question of how I trained “Cujo” to do this trick. Honestly it was very easy to train him and if you have a smart dog it will be a sin-ch so here are the steps:

1. BRIBERY is key to this trick so pull out the treats!

2. When your dog either opens the door or you let the dog in put a treat on the door and say “(dog’s name) shut the door”

3. Encourage the dog to push the door with his paw or nose. Your dog will automatically want to shut the door to get to the treat.

4. The second the dog starts pushing on the door to get the treat.

5. Let he/she have the treat while saying “good shut the door (dog’s name)”

6. Another KEY for this to work is repetition! Don’t just stop when you think the dog knows the trick do it EVERYTIME he goes out and comes back in! Start using positive reinforcement with the fluxuation in your voice instead of treats(dog’s love both of them just as much if you talk to them right!)

7. After your dog understands the trick you can start to back away from the door a little bit at a time until you can say “(dog’s name) Shut the door” without even being by the door.

It is just that simple!