Was at the vets office and there was a woman with a dog who had extreme separation anxiety. The dog was so anxious that it was screaming like it was having it’s skin peeled off, because the vet tech had to hold the dog back so the owner could pay.

The owner walked about 8 feet away, over to the counter and the dog was flipping the hell out. This screaming and shrieking caused Floyd to begin snarling and aggressively barking at this dog.

A kid came in and asked if Floyd was friendly (I know this to mean “can I pet your dog” so I said “not right now, he’s very worked up”.

As I was leaving, I feel floyd hesitating behind me on the leash and I look back and see this kid stretching his hand out in my dogs face..??

So I just dragged Floyd out of the lobby.

Do you wanna get bit? That’s how you get bit. Shove your hands in the face of a dog in a vet waiting room.