Okay dogblr, when do you know in your bones that it’s time for another puppy? A breeder I like is having a littler from parents I like and I’ve had puppy fever for years but idk if the stars are lined up or if it’s my fever brain saying so

What life situation do you think you should be in, where should you be with present dog, etc.

Idfk help me out, tagging a few random dogblrs/dog people I know + like, feel free to ignore if you’re busy or tired or it’s just not your bag lol

@vadenspoo @shotinthekidney @thebutchersdog feel like I’m forgetting some dudes

For the most part, it’s not recommended that you get a second until your current dog is at least 2 years old.

For large breeds this might be a little early, but the reasoning is that your current dog will be in the clear when it comes to adolescent behaviour. Adding a second, susceptible puppy into the mix while your first dog is an adolescent has the chance of going south if your new puppy picks up bad behaviours.

At 2, you’re going to be able to assume with reasonable accuracy if your dog is dog aggressive, dog selective, same-sex aggressive, etc. Some breeds (like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Malamutes, Bully breeds, Dobermans, and Huskies) tend to show SSA at around the 1-2 year mark.

SSA is very serious if allowed to result in fights, with each fight becoming more and more severe (especially amongst females).

As for training… I can’t say for sure, that all depends on how you feel you’re coming along. Though in my personal opinion if your dog has issues like separation anxiety or reactivity, you should address and work to fix these issues before adding a new puppy. Furthermore, puppies should never ever be acquired to “keep my dog company” if your dog has SSA. That’s just my own opinion though.

If I were to get a second dog, it would be years down the road when Floyd has mellowed out and I’m in the place financially and mentally to go through that first (expensive, hair-pulling) year with a new dog.