Some photos of his teeth.. the discolouration …

Some photos of his teeth.. the discolouration is hard to see in these photos, but I’ve been asked by my vet to take photos every couple days, so I’m putting them here for now.

Floyd developed pulpitis after playing fetch with a hockey puck. The puck flipped up and hit him in the mouth. Fortunately this appears to be a mild case, so we just have our fingers crossed that it won’t become worse and need to be pulled or have a root canal done. The prognosis for the tooth coming out okay is abysmally low, and in about 92% of cases the tooth is dead and has to be removed or have surgery.

The discolouration can be seen in his lower canine and a little bit on the upper one. As per my vet’s instructions, Floyd is on a toy/fetch/tug/chew ban until we see how it’s doing. Floyd hates it, but it has to be done. He is enjoying all the celery I’ve been giving him as chew replacements though!