Playground Wipeout

I went to the park with Floyd a couple days ago, and there were 2 kids with their dad at one playground. I went over to the second, empty playground because Floyd likes to climb on the equipment and run around.

There were really steep steps onto the equipment and of course Floyd tried to bolt up and banged his gut on the steps, lol. I helped him up and he ran around. When it was time to go, I went down a very short slide and tried to coax Floyd down so he wouldn’t hurt himself climbing down the steep steps. Of course, his genius idea is to try and climb off the edge of the equipment by doing a handstand straight down and wiped out.

No worse for wear, he was excited to continue our walk and I had looked up at the right time to see this man with his two kids coming over, and his young daughter (maybe 4y.o?) running straight at Floyd. She got within maybe 6 feet of him before I noticed and pulled him away.

Surprisingly, Floyd was completely unphased and didn’t care at all. I was concerned that he would have got excited and knocked her down… but seriously? Watch your kid, man, and don’t let her run up to large, strange dogs…