Playground Fail #2

Went to a different park today. There’s a playground there that Floyd likes to climb on because it has a wobbly bridge. The “planks” on the bridge have holes to let sand through, they’re about the size of a quarter.

Floyd ran back and forth on the bridge and started SCREAMING, like I’ve never heard him scream before. I rush over and I notice he’s struggling, trying to pull his front paws back but can’t. He got one of his toes stuck in a hole and can’t get it out.

I try to get it loose but he freaks out and tries to bite my arms (surprisingly, it was just mouthing and zero pressure. Good bite inhibition!!) I get the toe loose and he’s okay. His second foot slips and he gets ANOTHER toe stuck. This time he calmed down when I held him still and talked to him, and he let me get his toe out without much of a struggle.

I get him loose and now he won’t come near me, stays like 15 feet away and sulks. I felt sooo bad, so I called him over and kissed his big cheeks and felt his feet. Still a bit sore so he cries a little, so I let him go.

He’s totally fine now, no broken toes! He’s sleeping on the floor now.