I don’t understand what it is with parents, their kids, and dogs.

Every time I go on a walk I come back with a dumb story about something I’ve seen or experienced, today was no exception.

I went through a parking lot to a dumpster and went around the perimeter to avoid a mother and her young kid. Floyd loves kids, but I don’t want him getting excited over people, kids, or dogs on walks, and his impulse control is something I’ve worked very hard on.

I went around a car and I hear that very classic scream… “DOGGY!!!”

I figured that would be it because her mom is there (maybe 45 feet away from me) talking to her friend and is paying attention to her kid.

Wrong. Next thing you know, this kid has snuck up around the car and literally jumped out at us, yelling “PUPPY”.

Thankfully Floyd is pretty unflappable about startling things like that, but this kid snuck up close enough to get bit by a more easily startled dog..

What is with people….? Surely I’m not the only one who experiences things like this regularly? I don’t even live in a populated city core, I live on the outskirts and take different routes every day.