I got some new collars from Stillwater Kennel …

I got some new collars from Stillwater Kennel Supply!
These were custom-ordered because Floyd’s neck is larger than their standard 15-22" collar size. One is their 2" wide 5-ply nylon/seatbelt Do Not Pet collar, and the other is the 2" wide 4-ply nylon/seatbelt collar! Each collar came with an elastic collar keeper to hold down the end flap (that black band).

Both can be found here: http://www.stillwaterkennelsupply.com/dogcollars.htm

These are very well-made, super strong and soft. Stillwater guarantees these collars for the life of your dog, and if you ask me… your dog must be a bull or a rhino on bath salts to be able to break one of these.

If you live outside of America or you want a custom size, you can email them for a quote and they’ll let you know how much it would cost and the shipping costs.
If you can’t get through to Shane, my advice is to try him on Facebook because sometimes his email has issues with the junk filter.

I plan on getting more collars and equipment from Stillwater in the future.