Hi I just wanted to say I love your dog, I bo…

Hi I just wanted to say I love your dog, I bought my rottweiler last year and ended up having to leave her with my family when I moved out due to mental health reasons and I've been missing her so much and looking through your blog has been really wonderful for me. Rottweilers are an amazing breed and I wish people understand that with lots of love and training they really are absolutely amazing dogs to have. 1/2

“I loved my rott so much but I had realized that due to my mental health I was unsure if I could really give her all the attention she deserved and although it’s bitter sweet, I’m happy my parents agreed to keep her (she will be the 2nd rott they’ve had). They’re so great, just giant goof balls. Anyway, lots of love and I think you’re doing a great job! I hope you get another rott in the future when I feel more prepared.”

Thank you so much! I’m sorry that you had to leave yours behind, perhaps in the future you’ll be in a better place to let another one of these big cheeky dogs into your heart again.

I do what I can to show my dog how he is in person, just a cheeky goober with endless energy and no sense of shame.