My roommate has a friend who was staying over in our trailer out back, for maybe a week or two. Floyd was obsessed with him because he’d see him come and go but could never meet him.

He’s very excitable, I like to control the interactions to work on lowering his excited greetings because literally nobody on earth listens if you tell them not to pet your dog when he breaks a sit or down. So he never met the friend face to face.

I’ve been dying of a cold for the past few days and laid down for a nap. The friend came over to pick up some of his stuff and when my roommate was going outside, Floyd pushed out the door (which he has NEVER done before, no matter what), ran over to the friend, jumped up and started humping him. 🙄 Something he has also never done before.

My roommate grabs him by the collar and he backs out and refuses to come back inside until the friend walks to the door with him.

This all happened while I was sleeping. So typical for my dog to wait until I’m asleep to act like a hellion.