Went to go introduce Floyd to a couple friends today…. puppy and Sherman

Puppy is a Lab x Shepherd who is around 8 years old, and Sherman is a Cane Corso about 10 months. Owned by someone I know.

Puppy is very angrily barking and snarling at the fence which gets Sherman worked up, Floyd doesn’t care and goes at them too, we back them all up and let them interact at their own pace again…

Every time Floyd goes to see Puppy, he barks right in his face… rinse and repeat until they ignored each other… we will get these interactions right! Floyd needs some friends!

Puppy goes off like this frequently but he’s great once he knows a dog, likes to chase around.

Floyd went up to the fence and was sticking his tongue through the fence to lick Puppy’s face while he was snarling and barking. 🙄 Puppy is just really vocal.

Floyd was the largest one there, but Puppy doesn’t care and is very quick when he fights, so we figured that it would be safest for all dogs to just take it slow and easy on the introductions.