Why do you and so many American schutzhund/IPO…

Why do you and so many American schutzhund/IPO people make your commands in German? Whats the point? Why not make commands in your own language?

Oh man if we get into asking what’s the point then we get into dangerous territory because IPO is possibly the most pointless activity of all time. The hours I’ve spent teaching my dog to walk fancy next to me… working on an even tempo to yelling at a man in a tent she’s going to pretend bite… running a giant loop-de-loop around some plastic tents before she’s allowed to yell at the man in the last tent… doing a sit where she doesn’t rock back on her haunches but tucks her butt… none of this has any real world application and everyone who’s NOT lost in the dog sauce is like “so you WANT your dog to maul your hand for food???” I’ve realized it’s the hobby equivalent of, like, knowing every tidbit of trivia and world details for an esoteric TV show from the 80s. Pointless!

Anyway, the reason german commands are so often used in IPO is the same reason lots of IPO people like leather collars and sable dogs and blah blah… it’s just a preference, but one that is heavily informed by tradition. I also like having my dog’s competition cues in a random ass language because you would not BELIEVE how many randos will walk up and start going “SIT. SIT. DOWN BOY.” to your dog who’s meanwhile busy peeing on something and I can’t have them muddying my commands off the practice field (I’m doing that myself, thanks very much!)