Sometimes you gotta burn to learn

Did another introduction with Floyd and Puppy, this time was a lot better and they were running around a large fenced area.

A couple times, Puppy told Floyd off (lots of noise) and Floyd backed off.

He got bored and started following Puppy, crowding him near a picnic table.. got a VERY clear, progressive warning (body language, then a growl, then a snarl and a growl, then an air snap) and didn’t back off

Puppy left a good slash on his arm, nothing serious, just a scratch.

That set him straight! He didn’t pressure Puppy, left him alone and walked nicely beside him on the way home. They hung out in the house together and he kept his distance.

This altercation was of course not the intention, but it was mostly verbal and lasted a couple seconds. Floyd needs to be told “no” a couple times before he gets the hint…

Going to keep trying and bring Sherman into the mix. Sherman doesn’t like to fight but likes to play… same as Floyd, but probably not as pushy.

Puppy has a bit of reactivity, especially through fences. He does a lot of smack-talking when he meets dogs before he settles in and gets along.