Yesterday I was out on the front lawn playing with Floyd and I heard barking. I look over and the neighbours dogs across the road see Floyd and I and try to head over. They get to the gravel at the edge of the road but there’s too much traffic.

Other neighbour has their chihuahua outside so they yell at the dogs to go home and they run away.

The owner of the multiple dogs calls her dogs back. She was outside the whole time, not paying attention.

Two minutes later they’re back at the road trying to come over, she calls them back and then says “sorry about that!!!”

Three dogs loose. You’ve got three dogs running loose and don’t know enough to watch them.

???? Keep your dog on a leash..

I have no idea if the dogs are friendly though, all I know is that I’ve got a stun baton in the house for any altercation. 🤷‍♂️ Pretty sad that I’ve had to get to that point.