Skin and ear infection is back. Again… last time was in October.

Came home today and he’s scratching his ears til they bleed. LITERALLY overnight… unbelievable.


I clean his ears at least once a week with some ProOtic ear cleaner prescribed by the vet. Normally he does well, but something just spurred this on… he only ever gets ear infections when his skin infection flares up.

Not sure what caused it this time. Could be allergies, could be anything. Last time he got antibiotics because his skin was infected but we can’t figure out what causes the infection. He’s also on medicated shampoo.

An update…

Okay so they gave me more Simplicef for his skin, more Aurizon for his ears (a large bottle with the instructions to use them whenever his ears flare up), some medicated shampoo and some dietary food.

He says that the ear is a yeast infection, the skin is bacterial. We still don’t know what it is, but we can start looking into whether or not it’s an allergic reaction.

My vet says it’s likely not food-related, but if I wanted to, I could go on a food trial (Science Diet K/O) with kangaroo to eliminate a food allergy.. he asked me if my foods had chicken in them and they don’t, so we don’t really want to go down that route right now.

I got a little sample bag of the food just to see if he likes it if we want to do a food panel test, but for now we will do the medications.

It doesn’t sound like a food allergy because of the symptoms he experiences (they tell me that a food allergy can flare up after a food change but looks more like an overall rash), but it could be seasonal.

Anyways… that’s what’s going on right now. The usual!