Floyd is such a sweet boy and a very good bodyguard

Over time, I noticed a few things that upset Floyd or put him on edge.. the main one is any sort of conflict, human or animal.

If it looks like two people are fighting, he will tell them off and get very upset. Last night I was walking down the sidewalk with Floyd on my left, and I saw a young guy and a girl near a car to my right laughing and talking (couldn’t determine what) and sort of play fighting… he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up, and for some reason Floyd really didn’t like that.. he went over to my right and stood all stiff and posed staring st them, like he was trying a superhero pose… and I guess it put them on edge because they stopped and everyone was quiet lol

So once Floyd decided that the fun was over, he returned back to my side and we continued… I went far down the road and watched the pair for a while before continuing.

A car drove down the road when we were crossing and it was driving too slowly for Floyd’s tastes. Another thing that makes Floyd do his I Don’t Like That, Stop It pose is cars that drive by us slowly..

So he was doing this and the car just stopped and they had a stare-off until the car left lol

Idk why he does this, but I do appreciate his attention to creepy/weird/suspicious things. Floyd is VERY attentive to things going on.

Fights are game on, he loses his mind when he sees people fighting and IDK why. Every time I bring this up people talk about how dogs will do it if they’ve seen something bad or experienced abuse… like… no, my dog has never been abused and was heavily socialized, and has never had a negative experience with or around people.

Anyone else’s dog do this?