Hi. I love Floyd. He’s very handsome. I …

Hi. I love Floyd. He’s very handsome. I am always amazed to see people with their full on boofhead rotties in the house. My friend has one who tips the scales at 85kgs and the thought of Cooper, in the house, near furniture gives me anxiety… I love him but I’m so grateful he’s a strictly outdoors dog. So yeah you’re brave and I’m guessing there’s damage you’re not getting your deposit back on haha

People ask me that pretty frequently, if Floyd ever damages anything in the house. The only thing that Floyd has ever damaged here was when he was a little puppy and he gnawed on some drywall and a door casing in the laundry room, and a little bit of cheap faux wood tiling. I was able to repair both easily, and took measures to keep it from occurring again.

The reason Floyd never ruined anything else is because I heavily restricted his access to rooms of the house (including their walls) while I was away at work until he was able to show he was mature enough to expand his roaming area.

So when he was super super young, he was in an ex pen when I went to work that kept away from the walls. Somehow he managed to kick his water bowl around, soak a little bit of water into the floor and chew a small piece of flooring. After that, I reinforced the bottom with tarp and zip ties.

Once he grew out of the ex pen (which didn’t take long at all), I put him in the laundry room and shut the half-door so he could still get some light and air. It didn’t take long for him to get bored and chew on the baseboard and a little bit of drywall.

I put up ex-pen siding along the walls so he couldn’t get access to any of it anymore, and there was no more damage.

As he got older, I expanded his reach (with the use of the ex pen) from the laundry room to the laundry room and the sunroom. Once he showed no inclination to chew on anything, that extended to include the laundry room, sunroom, and pantry. After that it was the kitchen and a little bit of the living room as well.

Keep in mind that this all went on for over a year, Floyd was at least 1 year old before he was mature enough to be left to roam around. At night, he was crated in my room. Ever since he was a small puppy, absolutely nothing I thought he would want to rip up or chew was left in his reach. The only object he ever destroyed was my Texas license plate magnet that fell off the fridge (RIP sweet angel) and any cat toys that the cats brought into his areas.

When he got older, I allowed him to begin roaming at night some nights, and eventually left the crate door open 24/7 for him to come in and out whenever he wanted.

It takes a lot of maintenance and supervision, but it can be done. I keep his nails short and round to minimize damage to the floors, and it helps sometimes that he doesn’t have a tail to knock things over with. I do not allow him on any furniture either.