So I’ve been going over to my uncles house lately, and I’ve been bringing Floyd over to get him used to seeing my uncles dog.

My uncles dog, “Puppy” is a bit of a nutcase, so I’d like it for the dogs to kind of ignore each other rather than anything else. Floyd likes other dogs but can be overbearing, and Puppy is extremely vocal which works Floyd up.

I found that whenever Puppy ran towards me or jumped on his hind legs near me, Floyd would lose his shit. Other than that, he was just heavily interested in Puppy but I kept the two separated.

I know how to introduce two dogs (over a long period of time, multiple visits, never direct on), but this one is going to be difficult. I don’t allow Floyd to play with dogs I’m not 100% comfortable with, so Floyd has no friends. 😂 He has a very rough play style and judging by his behaviour with Puppy, does not tolerate dogs (or strange people) making any quick motions towards me.

It’ll be a project, but I’ll keep my blog updated on the inevitable stupidity.