I’m sorry for the lateness in posting th…

I’m sorry for the lateness in posting this.
The BarkBox theme for August is Secrets of The Rainfurrest!

I signed Floyd up for the 12 month BarkBox plan ($20 per month), and I liked it so much I renewed my subscription. BarkBox is a dog treat/toy/chew program that you can subscribe to and you will get a randomly themed box every month! Each box has five items in it, which are randomly selected from that month’s collection.

There are three plans but you can try out singular boxes if you’d like. All box plans have free shipping to contiguous USA, $5 shipping for outside (yes that includes Canada!)
$20.00/BarkBox for 12 months
$24.00/BarkBox for 6 months
$29.00/BarkBox for 1 month

Boxes are customizable by size/weight for a more personalized experience. There are boxes geared towards small dogs (“Small & Cute, 0-20lbs), medium-sized dogs (“Just Right”, 20-50lbs), and the box I got for Floyd, which is the large dog box (“Big & Bold", 50+lbs).
All treats are grain-free, and organic when possible, and there is even an option to choose boxes specifically picked for dogs with allergies (in these boxes, they avoid certain protein sources like chicken and beef). If your dog is a destroyer or power chewer like mine, you can contact BarkBox and have your boxes upgraded to the tougher toys for “Super Chewers”!

In this box I received:
– Monkey C Monkey Chew ($16.00)
Your standard spiky ball squeaker toy with rippable limbs. Floyd LOVES this.
– Duck Chew by Etta Says! ($3.00)
Crunchy duck chew, Floyd likes these in the boxes!
– Mutta Morphing Butterfly ($16.00)
I really like this toy, it has a super creative design. The toy inside is a butterfly with crinkly wings and a squeaker inside, and the “cocoon” is rippable!
– Bark of The Wild Trout & Vegetable Blend by Bark & Co., and Pork & Vegetable Blend by Bark & Co. (Can’t remember how much these were)
Chewy treats made with novel proteins and vegetables! Standard stuff.

This month’s box came to a value of about $50.00!!

If you have any issues with your dog’s treats or toys (say he doesn’t like a certain treat or toy at all), BarkBox will replace them every time, for free. If you want to cancel your plan, you can cancel it at any time as well with no cancellation fee.
If your dog destroys the toys, you can take a picture of it and send the photo to them to earn credits for FREE TOYS and join the Destroyer’s Club! Credits have a dollar value and you can exchange them for items from BarkShop, or you can earn free toys after reaching a certain level in the club.

If you’d like to get BarkBox, please use this referral code, and you will get a FREE additional BarkBox attached to your subscription!

I spotted this grisly beast killing a monkey and a butterfly in the woods. I don’t know what you’d call this.. cannibalism? I had to snap a quick photo with my safari camera before escaping.