For the love of fucking god if your kid isn’t good with dogs, don’t fucking say he is.

Tonight, a family friend came over with his young kid who is “good with dogs”. He then proceeded to run directly at Floyd, stick his hands in his face, then run away, run back, stomp his feet and clap and then run away, and then finally he came over, put his coat over his head and leaned over Floyd. Floyd was growling the whole time and I was telling this kid to back off and act right, leave him alone, give him space.

He then ran away, came back and started throwing toys st him. He only left when Floyd did a very loud bark right in his face.

Apparently this kid is known for being terrible with all dogs and has been nipped by my uncles dog every single time he comes over.

Like im holding my dog back away from your kid to give him space and telling him no, give him space, and he’s STILL running directly over and staring him in the eyes??? This is like the Kid From Hell for dog owners.