@bush-dogs I really hope Floyd doesn’t develop an aversion or fear of kids now. Overall, he’s almost a “bomb-proof” dog and bounces back very quickly, but I’m going to heavily reinforce any sight or walking by children now.

I wouldn’t care if he never liked children again as long as he didn’t become reactive, I can keep him away from kids no problem.

Just really makes me mad. On one hand I feel like I failed my dog by allowing this situation to happen because I didn’t know the kid, but on the other hand I keep telling myself that the dad ensured me “he’s good with kids” and I told the kid to back off, let him come to you, don’t run st him, don’t stick your hand out, give him space, etc

From now on, he’s not directly interacting with any kids that I don’t know personally. NO exceptions. I’ll lie and say he hates kids, I don’t even care (though his body language when he sees kids is always happy, lol)

So fucking pissed! I’m still angry, hours later!