So I forgot to update yesterday on the situation between Floyd and Puppy.

I took both of them on a walk through a large park on their long lines. I gave Puppy a ridiculously huge 100ft line and kept Floyd on the 30ft one. Puppy will not approach Floyd, but Floyd will approach Puppy so he needed “escape” space.

In the driveway, Floyd got excited and went over to Puppy to smell him. Puppy turned and growled… louder.. and louder until his mouth was open and he was making a weird hyena-like noise. I allowed them to interact this way to see if Floyd would take a hint, but he didn’t so I called him and he followed me.

We got to the park and Floyd again went over to Puppy, head up and nub wagging, ears back, and Puppy growled and then quickly whipped around and roared at him. I figured okay no fight, I’ll see if Floyd will take the hint after that.

Nope! Kept standing there like a goon! I told him to leave it and he followed me.

After that, he followed puppy at a distance but as soon as puppy even looked at him he would lick his lips and turn away or begin smelling something random. It’s clear that he WANTS to interact with Puppy, but Puppy isn’t exactly a playful dog.

The good thing about him is that he lays down very stern, clear warning signs before he will nip, so it gives me or Floyd time to intervene and back off. As we were walking, Floyd would try and run alongside Puppy and follow him wherewver he went, but at a respectful distance. He just needs that reminder of manners from an older dog.

Floyd will not pick a fight, he’s just very pushy and rude with other dogs, so I’m selective with what dogs he interacts with.

I wish I had gotten the interaction on video but it was a PITA keeping two dogs on long lines and not tangling them.