I was wondering if Floyd went through a reacti…

I was wondering if Floyd went through a reactive phase? My 9mo intact Rottie has this issue and he’s in training for it. He’s my first Rottie and I researched the hell out of the breed before I got him but everything I read said they were steady, watchful and not really barkers. I wondered if this was something normal for the breed that they grow out of or if he was outside of the personality standards

He’s never been fully reactive (except to one specific dog in my neighbourhood), but right around 9 months to 1 year he developed all sorts of weird quirks, including howling like a dying beast in the middle of the night.

Reactivity is a VERY common issue with dogs of all breeds, and add onto this the waryness/standoffish trait that many Rottweilers have, it’s totally understandable that a Rottweiler would become reactive.

They’re watchdogs, guarders, and protectors through and through. Many of them develop an intolerance for other dogs of the same sex or just other dogs in general.

I think that if I were to describe a Rottweiler in human terms, it would be that supervisor sitting in the corner watching people do tests, and when you lift your head up, he makes the “im watching you” motion with a scowl, lol.

The good thing is that your dog is young and you’re addressing the issue right now, rather than putting it off or ignoring it. There’s a good chance your dog will grow out of it with positive reinforcement and counter-conditioning. Rottweilers don’t mature mentally until at least 2 years! I’ve even heard as late as 4!!!!