Got into an argument with someone last night over muzzling dogs.

There was a dog who was incorrectly/inhumanely muzzled (very tight fabric muzzle when the dog is outside all day), and people were freaking out and calling the police.

Some guy (let’s call him John) said that there is zero reason to muzzle a dog, and that if you have a muzzle on your dog, you “need to train your dog better”, and then implied that people only muzzle their dog if they’re aggressive. I told him no, there are plenty of reasons why people muzzle their dogs, many of which are not at all related to aggression.

I showed him a photo of my own dog in my kitchen wearing a cage muzzle. (These photos were taken to judge the size and fit, he was not even wearing it in the house for more than 30 seconds, which is important later on). I said that fabric muzzles should not be used for extended periods of time, and if you need your dog to wear a muzzle for longer periods, you should get a cage or a basket muzzle like mine.

Nope! No way! John got really upset over this and said that my Rottweiler is aggressive, and that his “doesn’t need to wear a muzzle in the house”. He went on to say that if my dog wears a muzzle, I need to “train him better”, and that his dog “only attacked one person”… huh??????

I tried to elaborate on the many reasons why a dog would need a muzzle (reactivity, dog aggression, human aggression, prey drive, shit-eating, garbage-eating, fear, use as a deterrent for people and dogs, safety and ease of mind) but he wasn’t having any of it.

Apparently my dog is aggressive and untrained. He played completely into it though because I muzzle trained my dog (all dogs should be muzzle trained) so training him “Leave It” when he was younger was easier, and so he was comfortable wearing a muzzle at the vets… people have an idiotic tendency to let their dog run up to yours in the lobby and I’ve not had an incident since muzzling him regularly.

If you’ve got a dog who has literally attacked people, I don’t need your opinion on how I’m a terrible person for muzzle conditioning my dog. Why are people like this about muzzles? 🤔🙄