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Happy Bday to the Big Boy Himself

He turns 3 years old today!! He’s finally an adult boy!! Very good job!! I love you so much!





why is sick as a dog a saying
why are dogs so sick


look at this sick dog

None of your business, quit askin questions


Got into an argument with someone last night over muzzling dogs.

There was a dog who was incorrectly/inhumanely muzzled (very tight fabric muzzle when the dog is outside all day), and people were freaking out and calling the police.

Some guy (let’s call him John) said that there is zero reason to muzzle a dog, and that if you have a muzzle on your dog, you “need to train your dog better”, and then implied that people only muzzle their dog if they’re aggressive. I told him no, there are plenty of reasons why people muzzle their dogs, many of which are not at all related to aggression.

I showed him a photo of my own dog in my kitchen wearing a cage muzzle. (These photos were taken to judge the size and fit, he was not even wearing it in the house for more than 30 seconds, which is important later on). I said that fabric muzzles should not be used for extended periods of time, and if you need your dog to wear a muzzle for longer periods, you should get a cage or a basket muzzle like mine.

Nope! No way! John got really upset over this and said that my Rottweiler is aggressive, and that his “doesn’t need to wear a muzzle in the house”. He went on to say that if my dog wears a muzzle, I need to “train him better”, and that his dog “only attacked one person”… huh??????

I tried to elaborate on the many reasons why a dog would need a muzzle (reactivity, dog aggression, human aggression, prey drive, shit-eating, garbage-eating, fear, use as a deterrent for people and dogs, safety and ease of mind) but he wasn’t having any of it.

Apparently my dog is aggressive and untrained. He played completely into it though because I muzzle trained my dog (all dogs should be muzzle trained) so training him “Leave It” when he was younger was easier, and so he was comfortable wearing a muzzle at the vets… people have an idiotic tendency to let their dog run up to yours in the lobby and I’ve not had an incident since muzzling him regularly.

If you’ve got a dog who has literally attacked people, I don’t need your opinion on how I’m a terrible person for muzzle conditioning my dog. Why are people like this about muzzles? 🤔🙄

If you leave the truck for even a millisecond,…

If you leave the truck for even a millisecond, he gets up and stands in the driver’s seat.

Time for a REALLY LATE Barkbox announcement.. …

Time for a REALLY LATE Barkbox announcement.. this was actually back from December! Whoops.

I signed Floyd up for the 12 month BarkBox plan ($20 per month), and I liked it so much I renewed my subscription TWICE!!! BarkBox is a dog treat/toy/chew program that you can subscribe to and you will get a randomly themed box every month! Each box has five items in it, which are randomly selected from that month’s collection.

There are three plans but you can try out singular boxes if you’d like. All box plans have free shipping to contiguous USA, $5 shipping for outside (yes that includes Canada!)
$20.00/BarkBox for 12 months
$24.00/BarkBox for 6 months
$29.00/BarkBox for 1 month

Boxes are customizable by size/weight for a more personalized experience. There are boxes geared towards small dogs (“Small & Cute, 0-20lbs), medium-sized dogs (“Just Right”, 20-50lbs), and the box I got for Floyd, which is the large dog box (“Big & Bold", 50+lbs).
All treats are grain-free, and organic when possible, and there is even an option to choose boxes specifically picked for dogs with allergies (in these boxes, they avoid certain protein sources like chicken and beef). If your dog is a destroyer or power chewer like mine, you can contact BarkBox and have your boxes upgraded to the tougher toys for “Super Chewers”!

In this box I received a few things, but I can’t really remember how much they all were.
– Fred the Reindeer by Bark & Co. – $10.00
I think this guy’s got a big spikey ball core and the horns (hair?) is crinkly material! 
– Chew on This Pork by Bark & Co. – $5.00
Chewy treats, just your basic stuff.
– Deliciously Wicked Duck by Bark & Co. by Bark & Co. – $5.00
More chewy treats, these ones are shaped like T-shirts for some reason?
– Thinkers Duck Recipe by Plato Dog Treats – $3.00
Floyd likes these, they’re basically jerky sticks.
– Young Grinch by Bark & Co. – I think about $10.00?
This Grinch toy has a ball squeaker in his head as well, but his body is stuffed.
– Max’s Antlers by Bark & Co. – $8.00
This was MY favourite from the box.. but not Floyd’s, lol. Floyd liked the reindeer toy the most.

If my estimates were right, this all comes out to a value of $41.00!

If you have any issues with your dog’s treats or toys (say he doesn’t like a certain treat or toy at all), BarkBox will replace them every time, for free. If you want to cancel your plan, you can cancel it at any time as well with no cancellation fee.

If you’d like to get BarkBox, please use this referral code, and you will get a FREE additional BarkBox attached to your subscription!


Fail today 😔

Was outside with Floyd on the rope to the tree, enjoying an iced coffee.

Neighbours dog gets loose and runs down the road. I ignore it because they normally just stay on that side of the road and don’t come over. That was fail #1, I’ll bring Floyd inside next time.

Dog comes flying into my yard and Floyd takes off after it around the house. I for sure expected to hear a yelp or something from hitting the end of the rope… nope. It completely snapped like a piece of string, and off he goes.

I have no idea where he is at this point, I’m listening for tags. He’s in the next door neighbours backyard chasing this dog and comes out around the front. I recall him and he blows me off (not really a fail, will get to that later). The dogs stop in the driveway and Floyd’s like this 😳 full blown, black eyes, tail wagging, eyes fuckin popping out of his head in excitement. This dog is leaping up and bouncing around him and all he wants to do is chase it. I go over and grab his leash and drag him inside.

I’ve never seen him run that fast in my life, he was easily going 40-50kmh (speed limit of cars going by). I know he LOVES to chase dogs but I’ve never had the opportunity to work on his recall with that sort of distraction. He otherwise has a solid recall. Note for the future to work on recall in high stress areas like outside of dog parks.

I have to build a chainspot for him now or get some boating rope for him. At least we know those Stillwater collars hold up!!! I’ve been doing a lot of research on e collars for recall (bought books and DVDs from Tyler Muto, Leerburg, Michael Ellis, Ted Efthymiadis, Larry Krohn) and I planned on getting an e collar for recalls anyways, but this just made me double down lol.

Oh well, you win some and you lose some, and this dog is fortunate that my dog only wanted to chase. (Man would he be good in lure coursing)

Good god..

Good god..

Where did they go??? Who took them??

Where did they go??? Who took them??


You guys have no idea how close tonight I was to taking in another Rottie!!! 😭

Someone I know who owns a working dog kennel has a female Rottweiler he’s looking for a home for, and he actually came to me and asked me if I wanted her, free of charge.

His words were that he needed someone as “passionate about the breed” as I am. My heart damn near jumped out of my chest.

Unfortunately I had to turn him down because I’m not in the financial/living situation to take on a second large dog, especially an intact female. Floyd will have to continue living with his older sister cats for the time being!

Can you imagine Floyd with a baby sister Rottweiler!!! Ahhh

Sorry for the inactivity lately, been very busy and I have a lot of photos I have to upload!