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So here’s my review of the Ruffwear Slackline leash. I…

So here’s my review of the Ruffwear Slackline leash. I bought this from because for some reason Ruffwear doesn’t sell any of their products anywhere else to Canadians..??
This review will be about the Slackline, but also comparing it to a very similar leash I have, the Kurgo Quantum:

The leash itself costs an arm and a leg, but since I got it during a 25% off discount they were having, I figured whatever and just shelled out the money. I think I paid $46, including shipping and taxes.. compared to the Kurgo Quantum, ~$25.00 or so.

Both leashes, when fully extended, are about 6 feet long. I’ve found that the Slackline leash actually grants you that entire 6 feet, due to the length of the handle when tightened up. The Quantum leash takes up about 6″ or so with the excess leash that’s required to clip back into the slots. In order to see what I mean, you’ll have to click through the review for the Quantum leash I posted above.

The Slackline leash enables you much more customization in leash size; you’re not limited to slats along the length, because the slider on the Slackline grips the leash well and doesn’t seem to adjust through regular use.

The clip on this leash is pretty interesting. As opposed to the regular bolt-snap on most leashes, it has a patented “Talon Clip”.
The one issue I had with bolt-snaps in the past is that the thumb tab can get caught in the keyring of my dog’s tags and he can become unclipped. (It took one instance of this occuring while I was camping for me to clip the thumb tab AWAY from the tags.) This isn’t an issue with the Talon Clip. The tips are slightly curved in, so even if the clip were to open up, it would be next to impossible for the D-ring to come out.

The handle is padded like the Quantum, but I’m not the biggest fan of the material chosen on the Slackline. The Quantum has a softer padding material, but the Slackline has a neat “accessory loop” built into the handle for a bag holder or whatever. (Where my thumb is)

Both leashes can be adjusted to be waist-worn, hand-held, over-shoulder, or used as tie-outs. It’s a little trickier to adjust the Slackline to fit around your waist or tie-out, but I’m sure there’s a bit of a learning curve.

So to sum up the two leashes on…

Kurgo Quantum – Cheap but nice quality.
Ruffwear Slackline – Overpriced, very hard to find, barely available in Canada.

Kurgo Quantum – Very easily and quickly adjusted to different sizes, however the stock clip can make this feature useless. (See previous review on this leash)
Ruffwear Slackline – Quickly and smoothly adjust the leash to whatever distance you want. Does not re-adjust itself.

Kurgo Quantum – More comfortable handle, though the padding has a tendency to bunch.
Ruffwear Slackline – Little big rougher material, a little worried that the plastic buckle will snap if a dog lunges while tied up.

Leash itself:
Kurgo Quantum – Feels like a thicker material. Has a reflective strip down the center and a colour strip. I had problems with this leash because the grommit they used on the leash kept tearing out. Actually cut myself once!
Ruffwear Slackline – Thinner material but feels sturdy and strong. VERY LIGHT, I was extremely surprised. The clip appears large but is super light, this leash is actually half the weight of the Quantum.

Kurgo Quantum – More colours available, wish Ruffwear kept the Metolius Blue option.
Ruffwear Slackline – Wish the clip on the handle was metal/aluminum. The plastic buckle worries me a bit.

Overall, I definitely think the Slackline and Quantum leashes are competitive. I have issues with each leash, obviously, and need to use the Slackline more often to get a feel for it but these are my first impressions. I think if you’re American and have the cash for it, try the Slackline, but the Quantum is absolutely a great leash. Their customer service team is great and they’re amazing at upholding their warranty. My only tip for the Quantum is to switch out their stock bottle-opener clip for a locking carabiner.

Bought a Ruffwear Slackline leash. Tonight I’ll post a review on how it stands up to the Kurgo…

Bought a Ruffwear Slackline leash. Tonight I’ll post a review on how it stands up to the Kurgo Quantum!