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He wanted a drink, but the water level was too low for him to reach. He has mad problem solving skills.

This was the exact moment that I realized 1. my dog was a genius and 2. that I had seriously underestimated dogs’ cognitive skills.


goddamn, dogs can do this???

Yes!!! I remember that I was watching him and at first I couldn’t figure out what he was doing… I saw him try to reach for a drink and he couldn’t, then he went and picked up and dropped the bowl a couple of times … and once I saw him drop it in and try to pick it up and I realized what he was doing I went “holy shit” and tried to get a video but hit the wrong button in my excitement and got the above pics instead, which still worked out.

I have never seen him do it again, but I also don’t think he has ever been on a situation where he would need to do it again; so I don’t know if he would actually replicate it or not if given the opportunity, but DAMN it was so cool to see.

Holy crap, this is neat.

My dog has learned to do weird things like this as well. I’ve put puzzles together, like his Kong toys inside a Holee Roller, and tried to see if he could figure it out. At first he tried throwing the HR to knock the toy out, and when that didn’t work he learned that by putting his paws on either side of the toy inside, he could collapse the ball enough so that he could grab an edge and pull it through.

He’s learned multiple techniques with his treat toys and they don’t last long at all. Most impressive to me is how he tries different “tricks” to get treats out, and once he learns what works he begins to streamline the process and learns that X toy can be solved by doing Y over and over again.

So for his Planet Dog Snoop toy, he learned that he could roll it around as it’s intended to be used… but what about the remaining nuggets of food that can’t be rolled out? He holds the toy between his paws, sticks his face in the middle of it and slurps out the rest.

For the PetSafe Cactus and Squirrel Buddy, picking them up gently by the top end and holding them 2-3 inches above the ground will knock food out. He doesn’t attempt rolling the Squirrel Buddy despite it being rounded like the Snoop.

For any Kongs, he picks them up by the small end and throws them in the air. He never rolls these, doesn’t try the hold-and-hover, he always throws them hard to dislodge anything inside. He’s learned that this is the best way to get stuck food out, and with frozen Kongs he alternates between licking the inside to thaw it out and throwing it.

I don’t have a single treat toy he hasn’t figured out yet, he always manages to eliminate techniques that work for other toys but not The New Toy.

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Question: is my dog fat/nearing being fat?

I know none of you can get hands on her so I’ll try and explain what i feel.
– above photo: when lightly pinch round hips/waistline it feels very firm and I only get the skin between my fingers. Can feel the ribs easily when I run my hands over her sides.
-below photo: a firm belly when she stands upright, can feel her bones when I gently press round her rump, shoulders and chest. What I presume is muscle round back legs and shoulders feel firm when she’s standing. When I pinch around I can’t feel any flabby patches.

I’m just worried cause I worked so hard during summer to get her into shape and now she’s gained weight and the vet says she could do with loosing a little round her hips BUT says she has a nice tuck.

So I was hoping for input from just looking. The vets didn’t put her hands round her cause she kept backing off so???

I wouldn’t say she’s fat, but she could do well with maybe 1-2lbs off her waist, as of right now she has no real visible hips in the above photo.

She appears to have a similar body type to my dog, the difference is that my dog has a very defined waist but his ribs are actually a little difficult to feel! He doesn’t have that “xylophone” feel, but he also doesn’t have so much “padding” that it’s difficult to find his ribs.

I would suggest feeding 10% less for a week or two and then keep taking away 10% more until you reach a point where you like her weight. Of course each breed looks differently at optimum weight, so for example a Grey and a Rottie are not going to look the same. I’m not well-versed in the cattle dog breeds and what their healthy weight should look like.

Honestly, when looking at a dog’s weight, I can’t help but think of the term “backstrap” when talking about the waist, like on a deer or rabbit.
So if the dog doesn’t have a defined “backstrap” when viewed from above, he’s probably a little chubby.

I tried to take some photos of my dogs loins/waist, but he’s hard to get photos of. You can see in the sitting photo he doesn’t have a defined waist, but when he stands up he’s really slim!
Floyd is right around 100lbs and continuing to put on weight, and about 28″ tall at the shoulders, for perspective.

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Turns out Luna is increasingly becoming treat aggressive, when I pull out the really yummy stuff. Some kong stuffing (kibble mixture I make) fell onto the floor, Luna went for it, so did Nova one of my cats. There was a lot of noise but no contact as I grabbed Luna by the scruff and pretty much tossed her, Nova was unharmed and really not even that phased by it.
It scared the shit out of me.

Later I gave Luna her kong in her kennel, but didn’t shut the door like I usually do. Nova krept up and before I could shoo him with my foot Luna lunged out of her crate at him, hardly any warning, but thank god made no contact. She has never ever lunged out if her kennel, only growled and that was enough for Nova to turn around and leave. Luna now only gets her kongs and food in her enclosed kennel.

My question is am I making her more protective of her food by closing her in her kennel? Or is this just something she picked up from my moms food aggressive 14yr old chow mix, and maybe some from Rin? How do I go about training her if I even can, what should I be doing differently?

Obviously I don’t leave food out and everyone is already separated when fed meals. She doesn’t do this with her bones or toys, not really even her food so much as with the really high value stuff.

No, locking her in the kennel when she has the Kong is the safe thing to do. If the door is open, the chance of Nova reaching in can result in increased aggression; higher desire to protect the Kong to avoid losing it to her.

Despite the growls normally working for Luna, she feels that Nova will steal her goods and won’t give them back, so she’s learned to protect what she’s got by lunging.. and it works! The kennel makes it so that she can’t make contact.

There’s a great book called Mine! by Jean Donaldson that goes into this and gives step-by-step detailed instructions on how to work through guarding with your dog in a whole variety of scenarios.

My dog will act obnoxiously around one of my cats because she will actually go up and steal food out of his bowl and toys while he’s eating. Never lunged or bit, just growls or makes a small bark if she comes by. Been working on this by feeding them both food (far apart) while I fill the Kong toys.

Usually what he does now is he gets up and stands over her, forcibly smelling her back and bumping her with his nose. In these cases if he doesn’t let up, I fence one of them off… usually the cat because she’s pushy.

rawjonsi: This is She-Ham, a long lost Greek cousin of…


This is She-Ham, a long lost Greek cousin of @thebutchersdog ’s Floyd